What to do if you see someone sleeping rough

13 December 2016

The lives of people who are homeless are at even greater risk now that temperatures are dropping again.

A person’s health can go downhill rapidly as it gets colder. That’s why we’re urging the public to let us know about people who are sleeping rough – so we can help get them in from the cold as soon as possible.

They are in urgent need to help at any time of year but the health risks become even more serious in winter. There can be life threatening implications if they’re not able to get off the streets.

Nobody should have to face a life on the streets, but the latest figures show there’s been a sharp rise in the number of rough sleepers across Kent. The amount of people who are sleeping rough has more than doubled in the past year, and the number of young people (aged 25 and under) who are homeless has tripled since 2014.

What to do

If you are concerned about someone who is rough sleeping in Kent, call our helpline (0800 567 7699) or contact us via the Porchlight website. Our staff will help get them into suitable accommodation and find them support for any other problems they are facing.