Please help homeless young people in Kent


Kaya's story

Kaya was just 17 when she became homeless. A family relationship breakdown left her with nowhere to go and nobody to turn to.

She was barely out of childhood and sleeping on the streets.

"I slept in parks and public toilets, but mostly I would walk all through the night rather than stay in one place. It was frightening and I felt safer that way."

She spent three months out in the cold, only eating every two days. Sometimes she slept on people's sofas, but the prospect of ending up back on the streets was never far away.

We found Kaya a room in one of our hostels. With somewhere safe to live, she was able to overcome the emotionally damaging effects of homelessness.

"I felt so happy and relieved to have a place to stay. It was like a massive weight had lifted from my shoulders."

Kaya was able to go to college and study social care, something she'd always wanted to do.

We're pleased to say that Kaya recently moved into a place of her own. We'll be there to support her while she settles in.

"Porchlight really helped me when I needed it. Thanks to them, my life has totally changed."

Last year we helped more than 250 young people come in from the cold. But, with homelessness among young people on the rise in Kent, our work is far from over. 

To give homeless young people the care and support they need and deserve is expensive. It costs £46 every day to help just one young person begin to believe in themselves again.

And as there’s no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to homelessness, it can often take more than a year before someone feels ready to move out of our accommodation and begin the next chapter in their life.

Please make a donation today and help us be there for everyone who needs us this summer.


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