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Our vision and strategy help us focus and direct our work as a charity. They form the foundation for everything we do.

With your help, we are there for people facing poverty, social exclusion, mental ill health and homelessness in Kent. It’s work that has never been more needed.

Our current strategy focused on tackling the inequalities that were intensified by the Covid pandemic and making sure people in Kent had a safe affordable place to call home. Together we changed the lives thousands of thousands of people in our community.

Since then, we have lived through further sweeping changes including the cost of living crisis, funding cuts, a surge in demand for mental health services, and increased pressures on housing.

We're already seeing the effects of these pressures, including higher numbers of people rough sleeping. These are huge challenges, but we believe there are solutions.

Your support has been a lifeline through times of change. Today, we need your help to shape our vision for the future.

Help us review and refresh our vision and strategy for 2024 by completing this survey. Your views and ideas are important, so please tell us as much as you can.

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