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Home for Christmas

Give someone who’s homeless a safe place to live this Christmas

Being homeless at Christmas is lonely, terrifying and dangerous.

As temperatures plummet and the rain sets in the constant feeling of cold doesn’t go away. The long dark nights mean you never feel safe and barely get any sleep. It becomes impossible to stay healthy. The average life expectancy for a rough sleeper is 47. 30 years less than an average person.

"Being homeless in winter is like an endurance test, and it tests all your abilities to keep going. If you’re ever going to lose hope it’s on the dark winter days, when all you want to be doing is sitting inside drinking a hot cup of tea." - Louis, who experienced rough sleeping in winter.

Worryingly, more people than ever are at risk of homelessness this Christmas due to the economic impact of coronavirus. Job losses, employment uncertainty and relationship breakdowns during lockdown are having devastating consequences.

Porchlight is a lifeline to people who are homeless and have nowhere else to turn.

We know that properly helping people is about more simply offering a bed, food and clothing. It’s about providing long-term support that allows people to make lasting changes to their lives.


£5 could pay for an urgent call to our helpline for someone who has nowhere to turn

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£25 could pay for an emergency pack of essentials for someone’s first night away from the streets and into a safe home.
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£52.40 could pay for a warm meal and 3 months of support for someone this winter to help overcome the trauma of rough sleeping.
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"I feel very lucky to still be working. I’m giving the money I’ve saved by not travelling to work to help those who are less fortunate stay safe and well this Christmas." Porchlight supporter

With your help we can bring people in from the cold and give them a brighter start to the new year. A donation will do more than pay for a bed and a hot meal, it will be used to help rebuild someone's life.

It’s hard to think of a better gift than that.