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People in Kent are in urgent need

Give the safety of a home this Christmas

Christmas is a time for friends and family, food and warmth. Sadly, this year, many thousands of people in Kent will be having a very different experience as they are pushed further into poverty by the coronavirus crisis.

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People in our communities who were struggling to afford rent, heating and food before the pandemic are now in a desperate situation.

Employment uncertainty is affecting thousands and attached to every job loss is a person with a life, sometimes a family. Every day they are facing impossible choices about keeping a roof over their head and paying for essentials.

Here in Kent, more people than ever are at risk of homelessness this Christmas because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Audrey* knows what it’s like to experience the misery of life on the streets. After leaving her abusive partner, she was forced to sleep rough over the winter.


For six horrendous months, I lived in a tent on one of Kent’s beaches. It was freezing cold and terrifying. Porchlight saved my life. They gave me a safe place to call home and the help I needed to make a new start.


We want to be here to help everyone who needs us. But our services are being stretched and the number of people in crisis is increasing.

We’re taking calls from very frightened people in urgent need of help: people who have lost their employment and can’t pay their rent, or are facing the threat of homelessness now that the eviction ban has been lifted.

Everyone deserves safety and protection during these difficult times. We’re here to make sure that the most vulnerable are not forgotten and that no one has to face this crisis alone.

Make a donation and help us be there for everyone who needs us this Christmas

*We have changed Audrey's name to protect her identity but her story is true.

Other ways to help this Christmas

Other ways to help this Christmas