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Women's services volunteer

Help develop support for homelessness women in Kent

This role is Canterbury-based

Kent has one of the highest percentages of homeless women in the country.

Female rough sleepers are particularly vulnerable and have very specific needs that must be addressed if they are to leave the streets behind.

We are looking for two people with experience of homelessness to help us develop specialist support for homeless women.

You'll be part of regular meetings with Porchlight staff where you can share your thoughts and ideas about what more can be done to help women on the streets of Kent.

The role

As a member of the women's services steering group, you need to:

  • Attend at least five steering group meetings a year
  • Read any information for the meeting you've been asked to attend
  • Think about your views, and share your opinions respectfully with other members at the meeting
  • Participate in all aspects of the group meetings: discussions, presentations and debates
  • Help the group make decisions that will benefit local communities
  • Ensure you ask about things you don’t understand
  • Reflect on your personal experiences whenever this is needed to help the group to make decisions
  • Ask for help or support whenever you feel you might need it.

What we need from you

  • Experience of homelessness and knowledge of the impact it has
  • Good communication skills (including the ability to communicate with other steering group members, Porchlight staff and guest speakers)
  • Treat other group members and invited speakers with respect and dignity
  • Respect whoever is chairing the meeting and stick to the agenda
  • Basic IT skills (including access to emails)

Two references will also be required. This can be professional or personal references (from a business acquaintance, teacher, volunteer leader, coach or friend).

Benefits for you volunteering

  • You'll gain skills and experience of the homelessness sector (in a positive, friendly and supportive environment)
  • You will get an induction and training for the role
  • You’ll also have access to further Porchlight training
  • We'll provide a professional reference for future work / study / volunteering opportunities
  • You will be making a difference to the support available to homeless women


To apply for this role please download and complete our application form and email it back to us at

Deadline to apply is the end of January 2020.