Young people in Kent are facing a mental health crisis

Together, we can do something about it

The number of young people experiencing mental ill health is at a record high.

1,239,838 children and young people were referred to NHS youth mental health services in England last year. The system is struggling to cope with all this demand.

Here in Kent, things are even worse

  • 27,320 young people were referred to NHS Children and Young People's Mental Health Services in 2021-22
  • Only 16% were seen in less than four weeks
  • 1,425 waited longer that 12 weeks to be seen
  • 12,805 were seen but had their referrals closed before receiving treatment
  • 4,525 received no contact with an NHS professional at all
  • Autism assessments are even longer - more than 9,000 young people received no appointment after 13 weeks.

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Our plan to tackle this issue

We'll put extra support in place for children and young people by expanding our adolescent wellbeing service. It gives 10 to 18-year olds support to overcome mental health and wellbeing-related issues that are affecting their education, home life or relationships with family and friends.

Click here to read our three-year plan to help hundreds more young people in Kent and Medway.