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Coronavirus advice: housing

This page contains advice if you are struggling to pay rent due to coronavirus

This information is being regularly updated. Last update 24 March 2020

See for more information about coronavirus
See NHS website for health advice around coronavirus

If you are struggling with your housing and need to speak to someone you can call our free helpline on 0800 567 7699.

Rent arrears

If the coronavirus means that you are now struggling to pay rent speak to your landlord and explain the situation. They may be willing to compromise on how much rent you need to pay or may agree you can pay it at a later date.

If you can come to an agreement with your landlord make sure you have it in writing.


Landlords are not able to immediately evict any tenants without following the legal steps. Coronavirus does not affect this. For more information on illegal evictions see Shelter’s website.

The government is putting emergency legislation into place which would mean landlords are not able to evict tenants for a 3 month period.

See Shelter’s website for more housing advice around coronavirus.