Work, learning, health and skills

Support and activities to boost your skills, confidence and connections

If you are homeless, at risk of losing your home, or you are struggling with your mental health or the pressures in your life, we’re here for you.

You may be looking to move forward in life or just to feel part of things in your community. We can help you to learn something new, develop your skills or get a job.


If you or someone you know needs access to mental health support call 0800 567 7699 (Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm)


If you have homelessness or housing related concerns call us on 0300 365 7699 (Monday to Friday, 10am - midday and 2pm - 4pm)


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We can support you with:

  • Learning new skills, training, gaining qualifications
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Finding and holding down a job
  • Job applications and going to job interviews
  • Building confidence
  • Regaining your independence
  • Improving your mental and physical health
  • Meeting new people, being part of your community.