Keep it safe and legal

 For any fundraising event, there are legal and safety issues to be considered. If you have any questions or want to check anything, please call the fundraising team on 01227 813199. Let us know about your event so we can make sure you are properly supported.

Porchlight cannot take responsibility for any injury, losses or damage caused or sustained as a result of fundraising events held in aid of Porchlight. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to comply with legal and safety regulations.

For more detailed information and guidance on regulations please visit the Institute of Fundraising website.


You will need to contact your local authority to check you have the correct licenses when:

  • Providing alcohol or entertainment (including recorded music)
  • Holding a public collection, eg street collection. Collectors must be 16 or above.
  • For collections on private property, e.g a supermarket, you will not need a licence but will need permission from the owner or manager.
  • Putting up banners or signs in public areas.


  • For raffles that are part of a bigger event, or for private raffles where you are selling tickets to members of a club, you do not need a licence as long as you sell tickets at the event and have the prizes drawn at the event (no cash prizes though)
  • For larger raffles and lotteries, or ones where you wish to sell tickets to the public, you need to apply for a licence permit from your local authority
  • Tickets must not be sold by anyone under the age of 16

Other things to consider

  • If your event involves the public and the venue does not have the right insurance you will need to get public liability insurance.
  • Fundraising materials you produce should say ‘In aid of Porchlight. Registered Charity Number 267116’.
  • Please contact us for permissions and guidelines for using the Porchlight logo.
  • For a one-off event, you don’t need a licence to sell food, but you should follow Food Hygiene Regulations, which can be found on the Food Standards Agency website. For longer events where you are selling food for a number of days, you need to register with your local authority.
  • Create a risk assessment to prevent anyone being in an unsafe environment at the event. Visit the Health and Safety Executive website for a helpful guide to risk assessing.
  • It is good practice to have a first aid box, and qualified first aider if appropriate, present at your event.
  • When handling cash, make sure you have a secure container, such as a cash box or Porchlight collection tin/bucket. Contact us to request a bucket or tin. Donations should be handled, counted and recorded by at least two people and kept in a secure environment until you send the proceeds into us. Please arrange for this to happen as soon as possible after your event.