A second chance at education

16 August 2018

Our jobs, training and education service

Good luck to everyone collecting their exam results today – including people who are supported by Porchlight.

Education is one of the main routes out of poverty and homelessness but without a stable place to call home, school or college easily falls by the wayside.

It’s why many of the people we work with are not qualified to Level 2 (the equivalent of GCSE grades A*-C).

Many believe that they won’t get a second chance at education. We ensure that they do.

We’ll help reignite their passion for learning, give them the confidence to try education again and support them if things get tough.

Last year, we helped 82 people back into education and training. Studying can make a big difference when it comes to them taking the next step in their journey towards independence, whether that’s continuing to study or getting a job.

We also provide practical and emotional support to young people and their families who have a stable home but are dealing with other difficulties. By giving young people the tools to cope with adversity and do well at school, we can prevent them from developing more complex problems in later life.