Bright future ahead for electrician Josh

27 April 2017

Dave and Josh - Brett Group

Apprentice electrician Josh has a promising career ahead of him – but this wasn’t always the case.

The 20-year-old works for the Brett Group construction firm, but not so long ago homelessness nearly ruined his chances of getting a career.

Josh was 18 and studying to become an electrician when he became homeless as the result of a family relationship breakdown.

He managed to keep off the streets by sofa surfing, but his education suffered. “I was struggling to get into college and was nearly kicked off my course. Fortunately, Porchlight gave me somewhere stable to live and I was able to return to my studies and gain my qualification.”

Josh stayed with us for a year. During this time we first spoke to Brett about Josh and they agreed to offer him a week long work experience placement.

His work ethic impressed Brett bosses, and a few months later they took him on as a trainee electrical engineer. The company has now put Josh on a four-year electrical engineer apprenticeship. When it’s done, he’ll be a fully qualified electrician.

“Hopefully he’ll stay on with us when he’s qualified,” said Brett’s electrical department manager Dave Cunningham. “Josh is very driven, perhaps more than other people his age who haven’t gone through what he has. We’ll do everything we can to help him be successful.”

He added: “Porchlight tell us that some employers dismiss people who have been homeless. This means they could be missing out on some valuable individuals.”

Josh knows he has a bright future ahead. “I live in a place of my own and I’m really enjoying being part of the Brett team. I feel like I’m learning a lot and they’re here to help me develop.”

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