Developing a passion for education

17 August 2017

Mark Baker

We believe that education is one of the main routes out of poverty and homelessness. Unfortunately, studies have shown a link between homelessness and withdrawal from education.

School or college can become a struggle you’re dealing with problems related to homelessness. It’s why many of the young people we work with are not qualified to Level 2 (the equivalent of GCSE grades A*-C).

This can provide a big barrier when it comes to them taking the next step in their journey towards independence, whether that’s continuing in education or getting a job.

Often, the people at our hostels believe they won’t get a second chance at education but our Jobs, Education and Training scheme ensures that they do.

This includes reigniting their passion for learning, giving them the confidence to give education another go, and being there to support them if things get tough.

Since being with Porchlight, Mark has discovered a passion for education. He originally dropped out of school at 15, but we’ve helped him achieve qualifications in everything from IT to food hygiene and first aid.

He says: “Porchlight helped me regain my self esteem which then led to trying education for a second time. I realised that I quite enjoyed it and began taking up all the educational opportunities they were offering me.”

At Porchlight, we encourage people to use their time meaningfully – which includes gaining new qualifications or completing studies that they were unable to before.

We’re proud to say that several of our residents of them are preparing to begin college, university or another type of training this autumn.

In the past, our residents went on to study in areas ranging from art and fashion to psychology and social care. Some even came back to work for Porchlight once they were qualified.

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