Four ways to help people who are homeless this winter

How you can make a difference

It’s dark, cold and dangerous for people sleeping rough. Many of us want to help but aren't sure what to do. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to make a difference.

1. Make a donation

Help us provide a lifeline for people sleeping on the streets. Our team is out in all weathers, keeping people safe and bringing them in from the cold. A gift of any amount can help us reach everyone who needs us.

2. Notify StreetLink of someone who is rough sleeping

If you know about someone who is homeless, you can notify StreetLink who will contact local outreach teams to provide vital support.

3. Fundraise for Porchlight

There are loads of exciting ways you can fundraise for Porchlight and support homeless and vulnerable people across Kent.

If you've set yourself a personal fitness challenge for the new year check out our events page. Whether you are taking up running, are a seasoned cyclist, or fancy the thrill of a skydive, we have something for you.

Maybe you can gather a group at work or school and organise a sponsored sleep out.

Or you are welcome to organise your own event or activity to raise money for Porchlight, just email us at and we can support you with your fundraising challenge.

4. Buy a hot drink or food

Offering a comforting hot drink or food to someone who is homeless is a kind gesture that might be the only source of warmth they have for the night. It also lets someone know that they haven't been forgotten this winter.