Future of supported housing hanging in the balance

11 January 2018

Mark Baker

We're asking Kent MPs to speak out for some of their most vulnerable constituents at a Parliamentary debate next Thursday (18 January).

The debate, on the government’s proposed new funding system for supported accommodation, could make or break the future of homeless hostels and shared houses.

Whilst the government has backed down on its proposal to cap the amount of rent at Local Housing Allowance levels, its new system removes specialist accommodation from the benefits system and makes it reliant on insecure local funding.

This puts our hostels and shared houses at serious risk and threatens the future of our vulnerable residents. Without the specialist support that helps people to recover from the chaos and stress of homelessness and take steps to rebuild their lives, the numbers on our streets are likely to rise even further.

Homelessness in Kent is already at an all-time high. Between 1 April and 1 December 2017 our team found 644 people sleeping rough across the county – that’s a 39% increase on the same period the previous year.

If we’re going to make any headway in tackling this crisis, we need more – not less – specialist housing.

We're asking our MPs to support us – and some of the most excluded and marginalised people in their constituencies – by attending the debate on Thursday (1.30pm in Westminster Hall).

We want the government to listen to our concerns and adopt a system that safeguards the future of supported housing and the people that call it home.

You can help by contacting your MP (find their details here) and asking them to attend the debate


MPs: attend the supported housing debate

You can also download this digital message
and share it with them.