Government cuts increasing homelessness - new report

13 September 2017

Government cuts are driving homelessness

We believe government welfare cuts are largely to blame for the UK’s homelessness crisis. Now, the National Audit Office is saying the same.

Earlier this year, we said the frightening levels of homelessness are a result of ferocious welfare cuts aimed at the poor.

Today, the National Audit Office accused the government of taking a ‘light touch approach’ to the problem.

The criticism was in relation to how little the government works with local councils to help people who are homeless.

The National Audit Office also said the government hasn’t evaluated the impact of its welfare cuts on homelessness.

The situation in Kent

Porchlight’s rough sleeper team monitors the number of people on the streets of Kent. Between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017, they found:

  • 707 people (all ages) compared to 509 the previous year – a rise of 38%
  • Of these, 134 people were aged 25 or under compared to 78 the previous year – a rise of 71%.

Our chief executive, Mike Barrett, said this is a result of the government’s welfare cuts and the irresponsible housing policies of successive governments over the past 30 years.