Govt. reforms causing youth homelessness – new report

19 April 2018

Youth homelessness report

Government welfare reforms are partly to blame for a rise in youth homelessness, according to a new national report.

Homeless Link’s ‘Young & Homeless 2018 Report’ focuses on people aged 16 to 24 who have experienced homelessness. It states that:

  • Changes to welfare - including the introduction of Universal Credit and the capping of housing benefit – are increasing homelessness amongst young people  
  • There is an increased demand for youth homelessness services and a 45% increase in young men sleeping rough
  • The majority of young people face difficulty in accessing help (such as emergency accommodation)
  • There is already a wide range of services aimed at preventing young people from becoming homeless, but many of these need to be improved.

Porchlight was among 188 organisations that contributed information to Homeless Link for the report.

Read the full report.