Help homeless people during the heatwave

23 July 2018

How to help homeless people in the heatwave

It's unbearably hot outside. For people who are homeless, this kind of heat can be life threatening. Here's what you can do to help...


1. Give a bottle of water

Give a bottle of water

People who are rough sleeping are at massive risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion. Give somebody a bottle of water and help them stay hydrated.


2. Supply sun screen

Supply sun screen

There's a real danger of getting burned when you can't escape the sun. Help rough sleepers by giving a bottle of sun screen.


3. Hand over a hat

Hand over a hat

Hats help people remain cool and avoid sun stroke. If you have a spare hat or are able to buy one, please give it to somebody that is homeless.


4. Let us know

If you are concerned about someone who is homeless, tell us by calling 0800 567 76 99.

The information you provide will be passed to our street team. They are out every day, helping rough sleepers stay safe in the heat and connecting them with local support. 

Public donations keep this life saving service going.

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