"Help someone regain their dignity this Christmas"

9 November 2017

Porchlight resident Alan & worker Simone

Christmas is such a lovely time of the year for many of us. But for the hundreds of people sleeping on the streets of Kent, it’s like any other time of the year - a battle to survive. Porchlight worker Simone asks you to give a gift that counts this year and help someone regain their dignity.

Shockingly, homelessness in our county has risen by 38% over the last year. Without your support, more people than ever before will be out in the cold this Christmas.

As a support worker at Porchlight, I hear time and time again how terrifying life on the streets can be. 

People’s mental and physical health suffers because it’s almost impossible to stay healthy when you’re sleeping on the streets.

You might be forced to wash in public toilets, spend night after night in freezing temperatures or be unable to register with a doctor because you don’t have an address. Often illnesses aren’t treated until they reach crisis point.

We give people somewhere safe to stay where they can take showers, wash their clothes, eat properly and receive support for their mental and physical health.

It’s thanks to our supporters that we’re able to be there for people in desperate need. Their generosity made it possible for people to escape the misery of life on the streets and create a brighter future for themselves.

But with homelessness rising rapidly in Kent, the demand for our services has never been greater. That’s why we’re asking for your help today. It costs £46 to support one homeless person for just one day. And there’s no such thing as a quick fix. So please donate now and help us be there for everyone who needs us.

Together, let’s make sure no-one is left out in the cold this Christmas.

Give a gift that counts this Christmas