Helping our residents kick off Christmas in style

5 December 2018

Porchlight Christmas dinner 2018

Our residents got in the Christmas spirit thanks to a festive meal organised by Kent County Cricket Club.

They were treated to a two-course dinner at the club's impressive grounds. Presents were kindly donated by Donations With A Difference, Swale Marina Services and Retina Security who also joined our diners to spread some festive cheer.

“We’re really grateful to everybody who made this happen,” says Porchlight’s Kate Boulding. “This meal means a lot to our residents, many of whom have not always had positive experiences when it comes to Christmas. It’s also a chance for our supporters who attended to see the difference we can make to people’s lives by working together to combat homelessness.”

If you have been homeless, Christmas can be a difficult time of year. Events like this allow people to create positive new memories and are a reminder that others are thinking of them.

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