Helping people to feel included again

By Ted Briscoe-Talbot - service user involvement worker

29 May 2016

My role is about helping the people Porchlight supports to get involved and have a say in how our charity is run.

We make sure their voices are heard at all levels of the organisation and that their opinions help shape the direction of what Porchlight does.

Like many of the service user involvement team, I've had personal experience of homelessness. When you're homeless or struggling with mental ill health (or both), you feel alienated from society. We give people the chance to feel included again, let them know that their opinion counts, and make them understand that they matter. Feeling valued and listened to can help them begin making other positive changes in their lives.

We've got so many intelligent and capable people here who can bring fresh ideas, new approaches and make a real difference to the work Porchlight does.


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