Homelessness Reduction Bill passes into law

28 April 2017

A new bill has passed into law that places a duty on councils to help prevent homelessness.

The Homelessness Reduction Bill formally became an Act of Parliament on Thursday. It focuses attention on prevention, requiring councils to intervene in order to stop people becoming homeless 56 days before they are likely to do so.

"This is a huge step forward in the fight against homelessness," said our CEO Mike Barrett. "Preventing people from reaching the point where the worst happens and they lose their home is the only way we're going to stop the scandal of rough sleeping.

"The bill also places a new duty on councils to help to all homeless applicants, regardless of priority need. For too long, men and women in desperate housing need have been turned away on the basis that they are not considered vulnerable enough to receive immediate help.

"There are concerns that the extra funding that's been announced is enough to help councils meet the costs of these measures and make the real changes that are required. We'll be working closely with local authorities to meet the challenges that lie ahead, helping to ensure that this new legislation joins up with the services that are already there to provide housing support to vulnerable people."

The measures are likely to commence in 2018.

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