"I realised I can do things without help"

22 July 2019

When highly traumatic events lead to someone becoming homeless, more must be done than simply putting a roof over their head.

Megan (not her real name) ended up homeless after fleeing domestic abuse committed by family members.

She and her partner spent two years on the streets, sleeping on friends’ couches and in temporary accommodation. Porchlight found them somewhere to live, but this wasn’t the end of their problems.

“Because of the domestic violence I’d experienced, I became reliant on my partner and too scared to leave the house unless he was there but I wanted to get my life back and do everyday things,” Megan explains.

She began receiving support from Porchlight’s community inclusion team who work with people that feel isolated or cut off from others.

“My support worker Holly would meet me in town for a coffee once a week. The first time my partner accompanied me, but after that it was just me and Holly.

“Every time we met it would be a little further away, and that made me realise I can do things without help.”

That was six months ago. Now, Megan has regained control of her life, regularly taking solo trips to the gym, swimming pool and more.

“It’s a big, big step for me to be doing these things. My mental strength is incredible now. I am able to walk down the high street with my head held high.”

At Porchlight, we know that people often need emotional support if they are to avoid homelessness or escape it for good. Our community inclusion service is part of the community-based and preventative support we provide to help people thrive.

“Without Porchlight, we wouldn’t be in our flat and I wouldn’t have the confidence to do the things that I do.”