"I was given the chance to shine"

30 September 2015

We're fortunate to have the support of our amazing volunteers. We’ve got excellent retention rates and some of our volunteers even move into full time employment. Like Kim Isbell who spent two years volunteering for our services before landing a full time post as community inclusion coordinator. She now manages and supports her own team of volunteers.

“I previously worked in education but became unemployed after experiencing a mental breakdown,” said Kim. “I lost a lot of confidence but volunteering for Porchlight was a start to me believing in myself again. My confidence began to grow and i started to feel I was capable of completing a 40 hour week again.

"To be given the chance to shine within a voluntary role that I loved enabled me to start thinking about my future; something I had not thought about for a long time."

Kim hasn’t looked back and says that volunteering offered her enormous scope for personal and professional growth. “Porchlight really does change people’s lives and it’s wonderful to be a part of that.

"I've been offered many opportunities in my role, most of which I have found to be invaluable. For me, the staff within the charity are what makes Porchlight so special and i feel lucky to have been part of the Porchlight family."