“I was struggling to survive – it was a lonely existence”

8 February 2017

Living on the streets almost pushed ex-soldier John to breaking point. He was homeless for nearly a year after being evicted from his home.

“I’d been caring for my mother, but when she passed away the rent was put up and I couldn’t afford to pay it anymore.”

John spent 11 months sleeping in doorways, parks and anywhere else he could.

“I only had a sleeping bag to keep warm… it was harrowing and I became very ill.”

He describes the “overwhelming relief” of being offered a room in one of our hostels. “It felt wonderful to be sleeping in a bed after so long of making do on the ground,” he says.

With our support, John is now getting his life back on track. As well as having an Armed Forces background, he’s also a trained chef and is taking a lead role in communal cooking sessions

“I’m giving some of the other hostel residents cooking tips, including how to source cheap and healthy ingredients, and how to make it last.

“After so long living on the streets, it feels good to be making a contribution again.”

Our rough sleeper team are a lifeline to people like John

But at the end of March, funding for two team members comes to an end and unless Porchlight can raise £55,000 before then it will be hard, if not impossible, to keep the rough sleeper team operating as they are now.

If every one of our supporters gave a gift of just £8 a month we would soon be able to raise enough to keep the rough sleeper team together, long into the future.

Please help us to be there for people like John.