"I'm proud to work for Porchlight"

By Richard Barnard - jobs, education and training manager

29 July 2015

Porchlight has helped me to better myself and develop new approaches to improve the lives of other people. My managers have had the biggest influence on my working life out of anywhere I’ve worked.

The support I get from them, along with the challenges they lay at my door have been inspirational. They’ve also supported me to take qualifications which will benefit the charity.

Becoming a manager was never something I’d previously been interested in, but doing so for Porchlight is different. They allow me to remain creative in the role which is one of the things I love about the job, and I’m always being encouraged to look out for new opportunities to update the work we do.

It’s always a pleasure to come to work, whether dealing with the people using our services or those that I manage. The flexible nature of working for here has also helped considerably with my home life and the importance that Porchlight places on its employees' health is magnificent. Throughout the whole organisation, it’s clear that everyone has a passion for helping people and share the values of our organisation.

I often talk about my work in other circles. It’s clear from people’s responses that many are in awe of our organisation. They are always excited to hear what work we are doing and it makes me very proud to say I work for Porchlight.


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