It’s official: we’re an excellent charity to volunteer for

16 January 2017

Porchlight receives REVAMP accreditation for its volunteering schemes

It’s official: if you’re looking to volunteer your time to charity, Porchlight is a great place to be.

Life as a Porchlight volunteer is so rewarding that we’ve become Kent’s first organisation to receive the REVAMP mark of excellence for volunteering.

Jess Antoniou, Porchlight volunteering coordinator, explained that volunteering needs to be beneficial for both sides: “We look for people who want to make a difference to both others and themselves. Volunteering can involve one-on-one work, so having people who are confident and good at talking with people can help. Ultimately, we choose volunteers based on personal qualities rather than experience.”

Volunteers play a vital part in the work we do, and some say Porchlight is the best organisation they’ve been involved with. There are more than 70 Porchlight volunteers based in different parts of our organisation.

People give up their time to work with us for a variety of reasons. They may want to gain work experience in the homelessness sector, develop skills they already have, or simply give something back to the community and make a real difference to vulnerable individuals’ lives.

Alex Krutnik, director of Canterbury & Herne Bay Volunteer Centre and chair of Stronger Kent Communities, said: “REVAMP awards organisations like Porchlight who demonstrate a high level of quality when it comes to working with and managing volunteers.

“Porchlight support vulnerable people and having volunteers can help with busy workloads. At the same time, the volunteers are able to get a better understanding of homelessness and the issues surrounding it.”

Sheriff of Canterbury, Cllr Rosemary Doyle, who presented us with the accreditation certificate added: “I’m delighted to award this certificate to such a deserving organisation.”

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