Moat's mammoth fundraiser: a year-long effort

16 August 2017

Moat Homes supporting Porchlight

When it comes to tackling homelessness we're all in it together. It's why the support of local businesses is so important to what we do.

We were delighted when Moat Homes made a special announcement about their 50th anniversary celebrations: they would spend an entire year raising funds for us and four other charities, with the aim of collecting £50,000.

The Moat 50 for 50 challenge did better than that. They made an incredible £70,000 with Porchlight receiving a £14,080.80 share.

We spoke to Moat's Sue Rich about the year of fundraising:

How did the 50 for 50 challenge come about?
"Moat turned a milestone 50 years old in 2016. We wanted to celebrate in a big way and use this as an opportunity to really give back to the communities we work in and support charities that align to our social purpose."

Why did you choose to support Porchlight?
"As a housing association we believe that everyone has a right to a safe and stable place to call home so Porchlight really speaks to our social conscience. I’ve worked for Moat for over 20 years so homelessness has always been something close to my heart. Porchlight not only help put a roof over people’s heads but also empower them to live independently and fulfil their potential."

What was your proudest 50 for 50 moment?
"Watching the way everyone at Moat clubbed together, stepped up to the challenge and really dedicated their time, creativity and effort to keep up the momentum throughout the year. One moment that really stands was the final cheque presentations and hearing how the money we raised can really make a difference to people’s lives."

What was your favourite 50 for 50 event?
"We organised a wide range of events but my favourite event had to be the sponsored sleep out. It brought so many staff and stakeholders together, including our chief executive, board members, partners and fellow housing professionals. Porchlight joined us too which really brought home the reason we were there."

Porchlight would like to thank everybody at Moat for all their efforts to help us support homeless and vulnerable people.