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New support for LGBT+ young people in Medway

Our BeYou service provides support, advice and safe spaces

Many young people in Medway don't know where to turn for advice and guidance on LGBT+ related issues.

The BeYou Project - our service for LGBT+ young people - is here to provide support around exploring their identity, coming out and family relationships.

It is the first time our BeYou service has operated in the area. Our BeYou team personalised support and advice for LGBT+ issues that young people might struggle to find locally.

The BeYou Project in Medway is funded by Kent & Medway Clinical Commissioning Group.

Safe space meet-ups

We run online meet-ups for LGBT+ young people. These are safe spaces where they can be themselves, socialise with others and take part in fun activities. In-person meet-ups will also be held in Medway when it's safe to do so.

Personal support

We can give one-to-one support via phone, Zoom or WhatsApp (and in person when it's safe to do so). This can be help and advice around exploring identity, coming out and staying safe.

Advice for families, carers and professionals

If a young person has come out as LGBT+ or is questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity, you may have questions of your own or feel unsure about how to react. We can offer help and advice so you can support them.

Porchlight runs The BeYou Project because LGBT+ young people are disproportionately affected by homelessness. By putting the right support in place, we can ensure they feel included, have positive mental health and a bright future.