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Stay up to date with the latest news from Porchlight on our services for homeless and vulnerable people in Kent and the south east, our research and fundraising efforts.

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Young adults to NHS: this is how to improve mental health crisis support

They're helping us to identify things that need to change

14 July, 2023

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Our work to help modern slavery victims has won an award

Porchlight has been recognised at the Homeless Link excellence awards

11 July, 2023


Working with hospitals to support homeless patients

We're supporting hospitals in Ashford, Canterbury and Margate

06 July, 2023


Understanding the link between autism and homelessness

We've contributed to research into this important area

06 July, 2023


The young adults helping to improve NHS mental health support

We're giving them a voice to improve NHS services

25 May, 2023

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Through desperate times, you’ve shown someone still cares

You kept support in place

25 May, 2023

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All the ways local businesses are making a difference

Brilliant local businesses of all sizes have raised more than £143,000 for Porchlight in the past year.

25 May, 2023


Government proposes more rights and protections for renters

The Renters Reform Bill is finally being introduced to parliament

17 May, 2023


The number of young people experiencing mental health issues is rising

We’re doing more to get help to those that need it

12 May, 2023