Our three year strategy

Building a fairer future

We support people who are most at risk of poverty, social exclusion, mental ill health or homelessness. It’s work that has never been more needed.

The focus of our new strategy is tackling the inequalities that have been intensified by the Covid pandemic.

It captures the core of who we are at Porchlight, demonstrating our commitment to bringing about real change and moving us closer to our vision of a fairer society that works better for everyone

Our four strategic priorities

We've set out four strategic priorities which will guide our work through the next three years and help us meet the growing need in our communities.

Our commitment to inclusion

We're so grateful to the many members of the Porchlight community who contributed their ideas, thoughts and perspectives to help shape our new strategy – it reflects all of their voices.

We'll continue to live by our values, putting inclusion at the heart of what we do and making sure our clients are consistently involved – not just in decisions about their own support, but at every level of the organisation.