Our work to help modern slavery victims has won an award

Porchlight has been recognised at the Homeless Link excellence awards

We're proud to announce that Porchlight has won a Homeless Link excellence award for its work supporting victims of modern slavery.

We won the 'Outstanding achievement in outreach and rough sleeper provision' category.

As a charity that deals with homelessness, we often encounter victims of modern slavery. Some have been cast onto the streets by organised crime groups who can no longer profit from them. Others have fled their captors and have nowhere to stay.

We have a modern slavery expert - Paul Withrington - who trains our staff how to identify and support victims. He also provides training for other charities and local councils.

Paul says: “I’m proud that our work in this area is being recognised. Modern slavery is unfortunately everywhere, and it’s good to know we’re raising more awareness so that more victims can be identified and helped to safety.

“I’d urge people to learn more about modern slavery. It’s something that many of us unknowingly encounter in our personal lives – at some car washes and nail salons, for example. By working together we can encourage people to come forward to share their stories and experiences and stop the exploitation of vulnerable people.”