"Porchlight were the only ones who cared"

22 March 2018

Porchlight resident Aaron

Aaron’s life has completely changed since we helped him escape the streets – just 6 months ago.

Losing his job at a car manufacturing plant due to a long-term injury put Aaron on the path towards homelessness.

When we first met him, he was sleeping in a broken down car to shelter from the cold.

He’d also spent time sleeping on seafronts and park benches, sometimes going several days without food.

“I was living day to day. I didn’t know if I’d end up alive or dead.”

Aaron was on the waiting list for emergency housing but as a young, single man, he was not deemed to be a priority. He was desperately in need of help but didn’t know where to turn.

Occasional respite from the cold came by sleeping on friends’ floors but this came with its own set of complications.

“You try not to be a burden but it can’t be helped. The strain it puts on friendships can only last so long and eventually you end up on the street again. It becomes a cycle.”

When we learned of Aaron’s plight, we helped him find a room in one of our hostels.

“Out of everybody I encountered on the streets, Porchlight’s street team were the only ones who cared.”

Since moving in, Aaron has flourished. He began to recover from the trauma of his experience and his confidence started to return.

With a safe and stable place to live, he was able to gain a street works qualification which will allow him to work on the roads.

“Now I can start planning for my future. I want to become independent and get a place of my own.”