Preparing people to rent their first home

18 May 2017

Tenancy training for Porchlight residents

Many of our younger residents became homeless before even having a chance to live in a place of their own.

When the time comes to leave Porchlight, it’s important they’re ready for the realities of renting. That’s why we gave them the chance to do a ‘My First Tenancy’ training course run by Circle Housing.

Eight residents from our young persons’ hostel in Tonbridge took part in the course, which course covered everything they will need to manage their own tenancy.

“They learned about tenancy agreements, deposits, bills, budgeting, grocery shopping, where to source furniture… all the skills needed to move on from our hostels,” says Porchlight’s Zara Hamid.

“Because our young residents can move abruptly out of the family home and into Porchlight accommodation, these are things they may not know.”

Family relationship breakdowns are a common cause of homelessness for young people. Parents’ issues with substance misuse, mum or dad’s new partner making them feel unwelcome, or having nowhere to stay after the family downsizes home are also regular causes.

Everyone who completes the course receives a certificate to show landlords. With many stigmas still attached to homelessness, it is a way for people to show they are ready for a tenancy of their own.

Circle Housing also offer special move-on accommodation for Porchlight residents. Move-on accommodation gives them their first tenancy agreement but includes regular visits from Porchlight staff who continue to offer advice and support.

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