Residents are now trained 'Dementia Friends'

17 October 2017

Working with Dover Smart Project to become dementia friends

The people we support have plenty to offer the community. Recently, a group of them took part in dementia awareness training.

Eleven Porchlight residents became Dementia Friends – learning about the condition and the small ways you can help people who have it.

The training was delivered by Dover Smart Project who regularly work in collaboration with Porchlight’s jobs, education & training team.

“These courses have real value to the people who use our services,” explains Porchlight Matt Witts. “It allows them to gain new skills which can aid the community. Importantly, it also leads to greater self-belief for participants, an important step in overcoming the emotionally damaging effects of homelessness and rebuilding their lives.”

At Porchlight, we work with many people who have complex problems. It’s why we’re committed to improving the confidence and self-esteem of those we work with. Doing so allows them to progress towards getting into work - the best route out of poverty and homelessness.

Porchlight would like to thank Dover SmART Project for its continued support of our work and the people who use our services.

If you are an employer looking to work with us and make a difference to people’s lives, contact Porchlight’s employment team manager Matt Witts:

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