Safety first: how we protect our vulnerable people

22 February 2017

Charlie Grundon joins homeless charity Porchlight

Porchlight supports many vulnerable adults and young people and it is important to make sure they are protected from harm.

It's something we take so seriously that we've employed somebody solely to lead our safeguarding work: Charlie Grundon.

"In many large charities this responsibility falls on someone who is also juggling another role, but Porchlight understands it's a full-time job,” says Charlie.

Safeguarding means protecting the people from abuse, ensuring they receive safe and effective care, and enabling them to have the best outcomes from their time with us.

Because safeguarding practices are constantly evolving, Charlie will make sure Porchlight is at the forefront of doing what it can to keep vulnerable people safe. Thanks to her, our staff and volunteers will also receive the most up-to-date training.

“We're working with an increasing number of vulnerable people, and are committed to having the best practices and procedures in place for them," she says.

Before joining the Porchlight team, Charlie was manager of Home-Start Medway - a charity that supports vulnerable families.

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