Sea voyages: how they help people to overcome the past

25 July 2017

Sailing trip with The Morning Star Trust

Leaving your comfort zone can be a useful tool in helping to overcome the damaging psychological effects of homelessness.

It’s why we take residents on a five day sailing trip run by sailing-based charity The Morning Star Trust

The voyage from Portsmouth to Chatham aims to get them breaking familiar routines and adapting to new situations.

Being responsible for sailing and running a sea voyage encourages the residents to push themselves to achieve new goals.

The change of environment and new sense of responsibility can also help them make progress with personal issues.

The residents are involved with everything from sailing to cooking for the crew, swapping roles daily. This means it’s important for them to work as a team.

“Working together as a sailing crew built their confidence which, in turn, helped them open up about issues they are facing,” explains Porchlight’s John Read.

“These are things they will need to regain independence and move away from homelessness for good.”

Porchlight has been running sailing trips with The Morning Star Trust for several years as part of our Jobs, Education & Training programme.

Ted North, from the Morning Star Trust, commented: “Working with Porchlight has taught my team that no matter how secure you feel you’re potentially, at best, just a couple of problems away from finding yourself on the streets. The Porchlight residents’ stories are inspirational and our team learns as much from them as they do sailing with us.”

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