Sharing the love on Valentine's Day

Inspiring stories to warm your heart

We're sharing the love today by highlighting some of the heart-warming stories of amazing people who have rebuilt their lives after the devastating experience of homelessness or the debilitating effects of ill health.

As we mark Porchlight's 50th year, we wanted to reflect on some of the lives that have been changed thanks to the continued compassion and generosity of our valued supporters.

Together we have kept loved ones together, helped reunite families and given people hope for the future.


Our frontline teams regularly go out and support people who are sleeping rough.

They recently got to know a man who was sleeping in an abandoned caravan with his dog, in often freezing conditions. They spent time understanding the problems the man was facing and were eventually able to help him access benefits, a local GP and veterinary care.

We have since heard the amazing news that the man and his best friend have moved into their own home together.

Sadly, we cannot always accommodate pets, but we are so happy that on this occasion they have been able to stay together.


Little people can make a big difference.

Ali Lou (aged 10) designed and printed these amazing Christmas cards. He then sold them through an event at his school and through a local café, raising an incredible £118.

His parents said Ali has always been 'very aware and thoughtful' about the experiences of people who are homeless, which is why he wanted to donate the money he raised to a local homelessness charity.


We often work with people who are at risk of becoming homeless.

Recently, we were able to support an older couple who feared being separated after losing their home.

The husband (86) and wife (78) were evicted from their home of 18 years so it could be sold.

We worked hard to find housing that suited both of their needs. We also spent time reassuring them they would not be split up.

They were thrilled when we found them a suitable home. We are so glad they could stay together.


The end of a relationship is one of the most common causes of homelessness.

We recently started working with a man who had been sleeping in a tent for two years after a relationship breakdown.

He had no family nearby and no support network as he hadn't felt comfortable sharing his change in circumstances with his loved ones.

We helped to find him a room locally where he felt safe and was able to start rebuilding the relationship with his children.


As part of our wider work in the community, we provide mental health support to children and young people in Kent.

Our PAWS team have recently been supporting a family whose child was struggling with anxiety.

Since receiving 1-1 support from PAWS, the young person is less anxious, has grown in confidence and is now a peer mentor at their school.

The child's parents said the support they received from PAWS has been “fantastic”.


Mossy is a former Porchlight client who is now a support worker in our hostels.

After hearing Mossy speak about his childhood trauma and very challenging life, supporter Diana Turner felt inspired to paint his portrait.

"I thought about how invisible and ignored people sleeping on the streets are. By painting a portrait I feel that someone is really seeing them. Mossy’s inner strength is so present in his face. I was honoured that he accepted my invitation to be my subject.”

Read Mossy's full story


Love is in the air at our Porchlight Open Door meet-ups.

Porchlight Open Door meet-ups are friendly get-togethers in Ashford, Dover, Folkestone, and Margate where people can make friends and access services.

This week our groups have been creating Valentine's cards for friends and loved ones. Our free meet-ups provide safe spaces for people to socialise, take part in activities and enjoy each others company.

Learn more about our meet-ups here.

We were founded in 1974 to help people facing the devastating effects of homelessness. Today, we also tackle the causes and consequences of poverty and inequality.

Thank you to all of our supporters who make this life-changing work possible.