The major retailer ensuring homelessness doesn't affect your job chances

11 April 2017

Employment training with The Learning Shop at Bluewater

Being homeless can count against you when going for a job. Now, Bluewater and its co-owner Land Securities are working with us to tackle this all-too-common problem.

They are paying for employment training which will help our residents overcome the disadvantages they faced in the past. The week-long course is being delivered by The Learning Shop, a training and recruitment specialist based at Bluewater.

The vast majority of people we support want to find work, but a lack of recent work experience or relevant skills can be a real barrier to doing so. At The Learning Shop, they’ve been learning about the retail industry, customer service and received the same customer communications training as Bluewater staff.

Our residents also had a chance to update and improve their CVs and covering letters. The Learning Shop has taken their details and areas of work they are interested in, with the hope of matching them to upcoming vacancies.

“The importance of finding and holding down a job is more than just receiving a monthly salary, and we’re really grateful to Bluewater, Land Securities and The Learning Shop for their support” says Porchlight’s employment coordinator Mark Pinkney. “The confidence, self-esteem, routine and structure jobs provide can be the cornerstone of a person’s recovery.”

“People who are trying to overcome the complex emotional damage caused by homelessness may think it isn’t possible to change their lives, but it is. Getting a job is the perfect way to start this change. I’ve seen it happen numerous times.”

Bluewater and Land Securities have also helped remove other barriers that can hold back our residents when it comes to finding work. They’re covering the cost of our residents’ travel and buying them clothes for job interviews.

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