"There was a guy laying on the floor... I recognised him"

7 November 2016

Sue Hornibrook, Vice-Chair
It’s Trustees Week, so we’re celebrating our own board of trustees – big-hearted individuals who give up their time to make sure Porchlight is the best it can be.
Trustees are the people in charge of a charity. They play a vital role, volunteering their time and working together to make important decisions about its work.

Sue's story

“There was a guy laying on the floor. His face was black and blue but I recognised him – I’d known him when we were teenagers.”

When Sue Hornibrook encountered an old school acquaintance who was now homeless and living on the street, it started her on the path to becoming a Porchlight trustee.

“It was a terrible shock,” she recalls. “I wondered what had happened to him in the intervening years. It made me realise that everyone who’s homeless has a story and needs a helping hand.”

Since that day, Sue has been supporting Porchlight and helping people who are homeless. She has also enjoyed a 20 year career in the public and private sectors, including a role lecturing Strategic Management and Corporate Responsibility to university students.

Sue joined our board of trustees in 2009 and now spends time developing strong collaborative links between Porchlight and the local community. She became chair of the board in January.

Sue says: “I love seeing people take an opportunity and make the most of it. Porchlight gives them the confidence to become independent and make that step which is why myself and the other trustees are so passionate about the work it does. Being a Porchlight trustee comes from the heart. You get such a reward knowing what you do is helping others.”