Trekking the Arctic for Porchlight

22 March 2018

Trekking the Arctic for Porchlight

Some people go to extreme lengths to help Porchlight tackle homelessness.

Robin Sumner and Tim Ridge are preparing for a 100km trek through the Arctic to raise much needed funds for us.

The two friends are taking on the Ice Man Polar Challenge next month.

It will see them spend almost a week contending with sub-zero temperatures, dangerous terrain and maybe even polar bears. All the while they’ll be pulling sleds filled with camping and survival gear.

Most people would understandably be nervous but Robin, 45, managing director at Romax Marketing, is looking forward to the trek which begins on April 20.

Robin Sumner

“I am feeling quite confident and looking forward to being in an unspoiled part of the world. I have never been anywhere like that before. I’ve done a lot of charity challenges before and wanted to try something more outlandish.”

Robin decided to support Porchlight after noticing an increasing amount of people sleeping rough in Canterbury on his travels to work.

“We’re one of the wealthiest cities in the UK and no one should be in this position. I felt something had to be done about it.”

Robin and Tim are aiming to raise at least £1,000. The money can be used to fund Porchlight homelessness street team, helpline and more.

Homelessness in Kent reached an all-time high this winter. Between April and December, Porchlight worked with 633 rough sleepers in Kent compared with 462 the previous year - a rise of 39%.

We’re trying to help everybody who needs us but are struggling due to funding cuts. The help of people like Robin and Tim is vital in helping us continue to fund life-saving services.

You can donate to Robin and Tim’s challenge here. We will, of course, let you know how they get on.