University working with us to change lives

16 May 2017

University of Kent is supporting Porchlight

We’ve teamed up with the University of Kent to offer current and former residents a second chance at education.

The university held a taster day for some of the people Porchlight supports. They learned about university life and Access to Higher Education courses to get them there.

Almost half the people entering our accommodation last year had missed out on important educational opportunities because of their circumstances. Going to university is something that can seem daunting if you’ve been through the trauma of homelessness.

Fortunately, we believe it’s never too late for them to start and taster days like these help them to understand this as well.

Porchlight’s Deana Nelson said: “Education is important for gaining independence and leaving homelessness behind for good. By working with organisations like the University of Kent, we’ll help people to believe in themselves and fulfil their potential.”

A creative writing seminar and a sociology lecture on fake news allowed our residents to get a feel for the sorts of topics that they can study.

They also heard about returning to education in later life from mature students and went on a campus tour to get a feel for the university.

Porchlight places an importance on employment as a means to prevent further homelessness. The Access to Higher Education course is part-time and takes place in the evening, meaning our residents would not have a clash of commitments if they find work.

The majority of course costs will be paid for by the University of Kent.

University of Kent is supporting Porchlight

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