Want to make a difference? Volunteer with Porchlight

1 June 2017

Volunteer for Porchlight

Porchlight is always looking for volunteers to help support homeless and vulnerable people.

Volunteers play an important part in the work we do, whether it’s working with our street team, supporting people at risk of losing their home, or manning our homelessness helpline.

Why volunteer?

People give up their time to work with us for a variety of reasons: experience of working for a homelessness charity, developing skills they already have, or simply giving something back to the community.

Whatever the reason, we’ll make sure volunteering isn’t just a one-way street. We want you to learn about what we do and you’ll also be treated as one of the team, meaning we’ll take your opinions and ideas on board.

In fact, life as a Porchlight volunteer is so rewarding that we’ve become Kent’s first organisation to receive the REVAMP mark of excellence for volunteering.

What makes a good volunteer?

We look for people who want to make a difference to both others and themselves. Volunteering can involve one-on-one work, so having people who are confident and good at talking with people can help. Ultimately, we choose volunteers based on personal qualities rather than experience.

Still interested?

If this seems like you’d be interested in doing then we want to hear from you. Find out more about volunteering here, or speak with our volunteer coordinator by emailing volunteer@porchlight.org.uk.