"We believe that anyone is capable of achieving anything"

By Carin Tunaker - project leader

29 September 2015

Working for Porchlight has taught me huge amounts about what homelessness actually is and how it affects people. All of my preconceived ideas were challenged and I realised that behind the stereotypical image of rugged rough sleepers were deserving and incredible people of all ages.

I found my calling in the young persons’ hostels. The staff there do fantastic work in helping people’s lives around and making a real difference. While working there, I decided to take do a PhD in social anthropology (specialising in youth homelessness) at the University of Kent. Porchlight provided funding and support, realising the potential benefits of me studying in this field.

What I love about working for Porchlight is that they are willing to take chances on people, give opportunities and believe that anyone is capable of achieving anything – whether it’s the people they’re supporting or members of staff.

I now work as a project leader for Canterbury’s young persons’ services. Every day I see young people, who were lacking all hope and motivation before moving in with us, achieving their dreams and gaining the confidence needed to become independent adults in the future.

The work can be challenging but it’s all worth it to see a young person go out into the wide world with a job, somewhere to live and lots of opportunities ahead.


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