We're backing a pledge for housing associations to tackle homelessness

26 July 2018

We’re backing calls for housing associations to play a greater role in preventing homelessness.

The ‘Commitment to Refer’ pledge has been devised by the National Housing Federation.

The pledge is intended to help housing associations identify people who are at risk of homelessness – whether they’re tenants or not – and commit to referring them to the local council as quickly as possible.

Councils can then provide support and also call on the expertise of organisations like Porchlight to prevent them from ending up on the streets.

The pledge has been created to complement the Homelessness Reduction Act which means councils must do what they can to prevent homelessness.

Housing associations are not included in the act but many have expressed a desire to do their part, leading to the creation of the ‘Commitment to Refer’ pledge.

Porchlight is well-placed to help because we work closely with both housing associations and local councils.

These plans are just the first step. Porchlight hopes to be involved in the development of the ‘Commitment to Refer’ pledge.