We're tackling gang activity and anti-social behaviour

25 October 2017

Porchlight's Bexley Adolescent Support Service

Teenagers involved with gang activity and anti-social behaviour can develop more complex problems in later life.

That’s why we’re running the Bexley Adolescent Support Service in conjunction with Bexley Council’s community safety unit.

It’s for young people getting into trouble at school or with the law, and who can benefit from a positive role model.

Since launching 3 months ago, we have worked with nearly 550 young people in the Bexley area.

“We work with some really gifted young people whose situations often stem from a mixture of peer pressure and being too proud to ask for help,” says the team’s Abdi Mohamoud.

“Often, they’re distrustful of typical authority figures. We get to know them, listen to what they have to say and help them overcome their problems.”

The Bexley Adolescent Support Service can help with everything from education issues and family matters to coping with peer pressure, drug and alcohol use, and respecting the law.

It also runs street sport sessions and offers young people help with finding work (including CV writing, searching for jobs and interview training).

“As more young people get to know us, we’re hoping to gain a reputation as somewhere they can turn with problems they don’t feel able to speak about with other people,” explains Abdi.

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