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Workwise programme

Could you become a Workwise sponsor?

We know that employment is the best way out of poverty and homelessness.

The majority of people we support want to work but find that lack of recent job experience or relevant skills are real barriers.

Workwise is our award-winning programme which helps people gain the skills and confidence they need to move into the job they want.

We are always looking for corporate sponsors to work with us on funding and developing this programme.


£500 could sponsor one person through the Workwise scheme


£1,000 could pay for interview clothes, uniforms or specialist work equipment for up to 20 people


£2,000 could sponsor 10 people into an external accredited course qualification

From time to time we are able to work with businesses to develop work placements and opportunities so that the people we support can gain skills.

If you are interested in supporting this programme, please get in touch with our corporate team at or call us on 01227 813199