One Week Without


Could you give up hot showers, cooked dinners or even a warm bed for a week to raise money for people who are living on the streets?

There has been a frightening increase in homelessness across Kent over the past year.

Cuts to council budgets have decimated the help that's there for people in need. This includes our Rough Sleeper Service, which works with people sleeping on the streets and is being stretched to breaking point.

You can help raise vital funds by signing up for our One Week Without challenge.

We are asking people to put themselves in the shoes of someone who is homeless by giving up one or more of their home comforts for a week.

The challenge runs from Sunday, 4 March - Sunday, 11 March. Everything raised helps fund our Rough Sleeper Service.

Please sign up for One Week Without and help us make a stand against homelessness in Kent. 

Being on the streets was the toughest thing I've ever had to go through... the cold, the hunger, the lack of sleep, the pain, the loneliness, the fear. You can't really sleep because you're scared. Your health deteriorates very rapidly, both physically and mentally and it's difficult to get the help that other people take for granted. Porchlight provided accommodation and support to help me address the depression and my other health problems. As soon as I had a roof over my head, I was able to start thinking about the future.  James

Getting sponsored to give up just one of your home comforts will enable us to continue providing, not just basic necessities, but also long-term personalised support to people like James. Together, we can help people turn their lives around.

Porchlight provides vital services in Kent to support homeless people and those who are at risk of becoming homeless. It is crucial that we continue to reach out to the most isolated and excluded people in our community and One Week Without provides a great opportunity to make a difference.  The Rt Rev James Langstaff, Bishop of Rochester


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