Will you open your eyes to female homelessness in Kent?

Kent has one of the highest percentages of female homelessness in the country. 

Women sleeping rough, live in fear of being exploited, attacked or worse but they are less visible than men who are sleeping on the streets.

Women told us they had been pushed, grabbed, beaten up and assaulted.

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Opportunities to help women on the streets are being missed and we're determined to do more.

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The report, conducted with 40 women who were either sleeping rough or had experience of sleeping rough, showed us that:

• Many women who are on the streets have experienced trauma and abuse both before and during homelessness.

• 91% of women who experienced violence or sexual abuse while sleeping rough did not report it to the police, because they did not feel they would be believed or were too afraid. 

• Multiple levels of trauma can lead to a cycle of abusive relationships, mental and physical ill health, the use of drugs and alcohol, self-harm and suicidal thoughts, making the journey out of homelessness complicated and challenging. 

You are out in the open all alone and you don't know what can happen to you while you sleep

Becky's story

It's taken a long time, but Becky is finally trusting people again.

“My trust has been shattered over the years but Porchlight's taught me that not everyone’s bad.”

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Becky escaped homelessness thanks to Porchlight

The women who shared their stories overwhelmingly felt that the worst things about rough sleeping were the constant fear, feeling unsafe and vulnerable, and the cold. Many avoided public places because of the fear of being attacked preferring to stay hidden. 73% of the women who took part in our survey had experienced violence before they became homeless. 

We don't want women who are rough sleeping in Kent to simply "survive". We want to prevent their homelessness in the first place. We want to stop their homelessness being repeated time after time, and we want to make sure they get the tailored support that gets then off the street as soon as possible. 

We want the women to rebuild their lives so that they not only survive, but they thrive. 

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    Opportunities to help women on the streets are being missed and we're determined to do more.

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  • Becky's story

    Becky is finally trusting people again. Like many homeless women, she was exploited and abused.

    Read Becky's story