Our strategic aims

Our strategic aims have been refreshed to reflect the developments and achievements that have taken place since 2016 and the new opportunities and challenges we expect to face in the future. Our four strategic aims are:

Strengthening communities

We’ll develop our presence in local communities, working with partner organisations to help people prevent or resolve any problems that could increase their vulnerability or put them at risk of homelessness.

We will:

  • support people to access our services and other services in the community.
  • help vulnerable people to reach their full potential by breaking down the barriers to housing, mental and physical health, work, education, financial independence or daily living skills.
  • develop (and support other community organisations to develop) local services that promote physical activity, emotional wellbeing and provide the necessary support for people to change their lifestyle in order to improve their health outcomes.
  • expand our work with LGBT+ young people to help them develop the skills and confidence to be active members of their local community, as well as providing the support, understanding or information they may not be able to access at home or at school.
  • strengthen families through early intervention so that children and young people have the chance to thrive.
  • better understand where loneliness and social exclusion exist within communities and work with partner organisations to identify the support and interventions that can reduce them.

Trusted provision

We’ll continue to lead and provide quality support based on our insight and understanding of local need and services.

We will:

  • lead on implementing work to improve the support for people who are homeless, living with mental ill health, in isolation or in poverty.
  • monitor and evaluate our services so that we can assess the impact of our work and improve outcomes for the people we support.
  • better identify the needs that our services are not addressing and work with partner organisations to fill the gaps.
  • help the vulnerable people we support to access safe affordable homes within the community.
  • improve our communications so that more homeless, vulnerable and isolated people understand that we are an organisation that can help them.
  • work with people based on their strengths and help them develop solutions that respond to their needs.
  • maintain our quality assurance processes, policies and procedures to ensure that we achieve excellence in service delivery.

Policy and lasting change

We’ll use the learning and experiences of the people we work with to influence, challenge and shape future changes in policy and services.

We will:

  • further position Porchlight as an expert voice and the leading regional source of knowledge on homelessness, mental health and wellbeing
  • use the learning from our needs analysis of women rough sleepers to develop joint approaches that better meet the needs of this vulnerable group.
  • aspire to become a best practice champion for the involvement of the people we support, promoting joint working and decision making at all levels of the organisation.
  • speak out for those that cannot make their case for themselves, adding our voice to national campaigns and contributing to the body of evidence to help bring about changes in policy to improve personal, social and economic wellbeing.

A sustainable organisation

We’ll manage our charity as effectively and efficiently as possible so that we can achieve our aims and objectives, now and in the future.

We will:

  • increase our funding stability by seeking new income streams beyond contract delivery.
  • develop and diversify our income generating and fundraising activities.
  • improve our communications and marketing strategy and develop our brand to raise awareness of what we do and build our supporter base across Kent.
  • position ourselves as an employer of choice so that we can recruit and retain the best staff.
  • improve learning and development opportunities to support a highly skilled and motivated workforce.
  • monitor and evaluate our work so that we can put forward the case for further growth and new services that can support even more people in need.
  • ensure a balance between financial affordability and delivering social outcomes with adequate reserves to cover risk.